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 If you ask, everyone has a beautiful story about fountain pens. Either it’s their grandparents or parents who have cherished it, or got a fountain pen as a gift, given it to someone special, or simply enjoying the joyful experience of writing with a fountain pen. It is for sure; Fountain pens are magical and can create a lot of great memories.  Cherish it, love it, or inherit it.

I started using fountain pens in fifth grade. It was a gift from my mother. To me, it’s the joy of writing with fountain pens and trying colorful inks. Till now, I have collected, gifted, share, and lost a few of them (lol).

Fortunately, my husband is also a fountain pen enthusiast. In 2020 he decided to give me a fountain pen for my birthday and found that the technology, engineering, and craftsmanship of fountain pens have come so far.

The hobby and love for fountain pens have turned into an online store with high-quality fountain pens, Ink, Journals, and accessories. We want to provide our fellow community members with the best possible guidance and experience.

We did realize choosing the right fountain pen could be a little difficult, especially among beginners. We are happy to assist you in your selection, especially when you decide to gift or want to use it for yourself.

Experience the joy of fine writing!!!

Cherish it, love it, or inherit it!

Thank you!

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